Do you think about aging?

Why face it now?
Here's why.

Many societies embrace aging while ours considers it a defect.

We hide our signs of aging and whistle past our mortality. We have euphemisms to avoid the “D” word. We create a new apartheid–based on age–that segregates our elders, placing them in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

All this fear of aging wrecks havoc. Denial limits introspection which erodes our self esteem. Fear whispers we have “all the time in the world” and leads us to unconscious choices. It undervalues precious time.

Can you imagine the tremendous benefits if you come to terms with your aging?

Coming to Terms with Aging: The Secret to Meaningful Time offers a better alternative–Life Awareness–an inspiring way to deal with life’s natural pathway. Learn the ten most common aging fears and how to overcome them. Learn the ten powerful benefits you gain when you do. Learn how aging serves life and why mortality is the engine that drives your life. The Life Awareness approach diminishes fear and frees you to move on to positive priorities.

Everyone ages.
We can live in denial, but we won’t escape it. Coming to Terms with Aging offers help accepting aging so you can enjoy the present–ever sacred second of it.

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What critics say:

"Coming to Terms with Aging deals with a crucial area...a theme of great a public desperately in need of such a message." Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D., National Book Award Winner for HOW WE DIE and author of THE ART OF AGING.

"The book is sensitive and compassionate, and will help readers look at the end of their lives with calm acceptance...(offers) questions (which) are a terrific tool of self-discovery, allowing people to discover what is missing from their lives...Death may be inevitable, but living life to the fullest extent is optional." Laura Alexrod, The Brimingham News.

"I Michael Grossman has written an honest and searching book about a difficult subject, one the deserves to be read by anyone looking for alternative ways to confront their mortality." Ira Wood, author of THE KITCHEN MAN

Coming to Terms with Aging is based on a simple—yet profound—premise: the acceptance of death can enrich life. It is a hopeful, optimistic book that asks hard questions and provides evocative exercises to guide readers to their own conclusions.” —William T. Merkel, Ph.D., ABPP, co-author of One Family, Two Family, New Family: Stories and Advice for Stepfamilies

“I have never understood that facing dying would result in joyful living. Thank you Michael.” —Dr. Anneliese Widman, PhD., author of Rage at God: Ascending to Reunion; Aquarian Amazon; My Female, My Male, Myself and God: A Modern Woman in Search of Her Soul; When Spirit Takes Over.  


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Excerpts from Coming to Terms with Aging.

"As you come to terms with aging, you set in motion a positive cycle of transformative events. Coming to terms with your mortality permits you to see the vital role that aging and dying play. How you characterize these realities changes and, as it does, fears diminish. Diminished fear stimulates core dialogue which reinvigorates introspection. You feel centered. And feeling centered shifts you from other-reliance to self-reliance. You reject the pain the persona inflicts when it demands that you live up to its mercurial standards. Instead you opt for standards that flow from within. You no longer wish to relive youth–to breathe stale air–and you stop choking on your fear of the future. Rather, you breathe in what your organs need as the primary element of good health–the fresh, rich oxygen of the present moment. You choose a world you yourself create."


"Sometime between ages five and nine it dawns on us that our comfortable existence is not permanent. We discover there is no guarantee it will even continue. We learn that the world which has fed, coddled and cared for us, intends to take back its gift of life. Equally disturbing, our parents who supply our food, shelter and security, the people we think of as indestructible, are as mortal as we are. That’s just the way it is, we are told, but knowing and accepting are two different things. Like Adam and Eve, we experience a fall from paradise. We live like immortals only to discover our bodies are the clay of earth." 


"Magical thinking lets us wait for our guru to awaken us the way Michelangelo paints God giving Adam life. We can wait our whole life for the guru’s spark and that’s all takes to fail. To lose, we have only to adore a therapist so much that we relinquish our responsibility, or to stand in too much awe of a mentoring boss, or be blinded by priests, rabbis or other powerful people with insight and influence. These teachers help of course, as long as after we receive their teachings we go within and decide for ourselves."




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